The Supply Of Pdam Water To The Community Is Starting To Be Disrupted, Mata Ie In Aceh Besar Is Starting To Dry Up

LINEAR GO | ACEH BESARThe supply of clean water to communities in several areas in Aceh Besar district is starting to be disrupted due to the drying up of the Mata Ie water source during the dry season.

The Technical Director of PDAM Tirta Mountala, Salman, in Aceh Besar, said on Sunday that currently only three out of six available pumps can be turned on to supply clean water to the Mata Ie area, but the production has decreased by 30 percent from the normal 190 liters per second, leaving only 135 liters per second.

"This will affect the continuity of the flow to customers sourced from the Mata Ie Water Treatment Plant (WTP)," said Salman.

The Mata Ie pool is known to be one of the sources of clean water supply for several sub-districts in Aceh Besar, namely Darul Imarah, Darul Kamal, and Peukan Bada.

Salman estimated that this condition would not be resolved if the water source in Mata Ie continues to dry up. According to him, the only solution to avoid a complete halt is rainfall.

"Currently, we only rely on rain, Insha Allah, and pray for rain to fall in the coming days," he said.

The impact of the water shortage in Mata Ie has been felt by one of the PDAM Tirta Mountala water customers, Wanidar, who said that the water flow in her house has decreased and there have been several instances where no water came out.

"At my house, the water that comes out of the tap is already small. Then, we can no longer turn on the water tap simultaneously. Whereas before, we could," she said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Data and Information at the Aceh Climatology Station, Muhajir, said that the decrease in water flow in Mata Ie, Aceh Besar, is caused by the hot air temperature during the dry season, which evaporates water massively, thereby reducing the availability of water in the soil and bodies of water.

Muhajir explained that based on seasonal analysis, the Mata Ie water source in Aceh Besar is in the Aceh Zone 4 Seasonal Zone (ZOM) and has entered the first dry season in the February 1-10 period and will continue until March.

"It is estimated to enter the second dry season in May," he said.

In addition, based on rainfall analysis at five rain gauge stations in Aceh Besar district, namely Stageof Mata Ie, Darul Imarah, Lhoknga, Lhoong, and Peukan Bada, rainfall has decreased since early February, precisely in the February 1-10 period.

"The amount of rainfall per ten days ranges only from 2 to 9.5 mm per ten days, meaning that only 2 to 9.5 mm of rainfall falls during the 10 days," he said.

Although there will be intense rainfall when the atmospheric temperature drops, the rainfall will occur only for a short period, so it will not increase the water flow in Mata Ie.

The phenomenon of the Mata Ie pool drying up is not a new one. In several years from 2017 to 2019 and in 2023, the bathing pool has dried up several times. (*)

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